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Animation Demo

There are 3 types of demo cuts as a 3D animator. I made it based on the fact that there are three genres in which physical movement is important in the movie: “swashbuckler / slapstick / musical”.
The software used is 3ds max and After Effects.



This is what I do most often at work. When I was doing independent production, I never thought I would be a combat-based animator.


I like Buster Keaton. Why can’t we go beyond that freedom and dynamism, even though we can do anything with CGI?


I watch live BDs more often than anime than on TV, and in 2017 I watched LiSA’s work repeatedly. You can see how humans shine.



Sketchfab also supports animation, so I uploaded the shot I made as it is.
The look is cheap, but please have a look if you like.





All logs are summarized in the moment below. There are many sample videos here, so if you are interested, please click here.


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