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Added English translation.


I added an English translation page to my website.

With the translation button on the right, you can choose between English and Japanese.
Past blog posts are still in Japanese only, but I think that they will be posted in both sides in the future, so thank you (posting frequency is expected to be once a year).

Many of you may have already watched it, but here is the video.


Also, I have started selling a little at BOOTH and Gumroad, so I would appreciate your support.

BOOTH(日本語) | Gumroad(English)

2021 will be over soon. I was surprised that Tokyo became cold all at once, but the weather is calm and it is easy to spend these days.
Posting making-of on Twitter and YouTube will continue for a while. There may be a lot of sober content, but thank you for your continued support.

-インターナル・アスリート, 近況報告


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