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Summary of 2021


This year, the videos I made reached many people, and I had various opportunities. I would like to thank all the people who shared it. Thank you very much.

I’m also grateful that the number of followers and subscribers has increased, but it seems that not many people visit this website. So, I would like to thank you again that are reading this sentense. And I summarize this year’s activities.


Released my new work Avant

This video uses the name “Departure from Night”, but it is originally my new work Avant.
I don’t know when it will be completed as a work, so I released it first.

The title as work is “Internal Athletes”.


After that, characters will appear and it will be a general type robot animation with dialogue (characters will also be 3DCG).

I’ve been doing independent animation since I was a student, and I’ve reached a certain age, so I hope I can make it without regrets.


Samples are summarized in Twitter Moment

Since the release of Avant, I have posted samples and making every week, but since there are many, I have summarized them in the moment of Twitter. If you jump to the display page from embedding, you can see everything from design to rig and scene data.

I feel like I’ve made a lot, but being able to leave such materials is also the “preciousness” of independent production, so I’ll do it until I’m satisfied.


Embed Interviews and Articles

“Departure from Night” seems to have made the public interested in me a little. This year, I was interviewed or wrote, and three articles were published.
I don’t know if I’ve met the client’s expectations, but I’m very happy with each result.

(There is no English support at the links)


↑This is an interview article. I talked about our policy as a CG animator and independent animation.


↑This is a contributed article written by me. It recommends anime style for CG beginners. At the same time, I tried to summarize my anime style perspective.


I couldn’t embed the card in the Taiwanese article, so I’ll embed my tweet.
I refrained from answering such questions, but when it was published, I was surprised that the article featured “BEASTARS” in a big way…

In addition to “Departure from Night”, there seemed to be some people who were interested in me because of my career that being involved in TV animation and making independent animations, so I think it was not a waste to do various things.
The article I wrote in Vook was one of the projects based on Advent calendar. It was also a lot of fun to notice the differences and commonalities of minds compared to the articles of other artists.


Future plans

Sample posts for “Departure from Night” will continue next year. Please allow me to tweet twice a week.

The work of the main part has already started, but the work of the rig is difficult again. I can’t have a schedule at all, but I’d like to post something again next year.

Thank you again for this year. I hope you have a great new year.


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